Shipping Europe

Delivery from warehouses in the UK, Germany, France and Italy to Bulgaria is made within 7-10 working days. From the USA - 21-28 working days (with express air delivery - 5-7 days). For delivery from the respective country to our warehouse in Bulgaria we mainly use the services of DHL / Deutsche Post, DPD and Federal Post.

Goods tagged with "up to 24 hours!" (section "Available"), are in stock on the territory of Bulgaria and can be delivered within 24 hours.

Deliveries in Bulgaria are made through the courier company Econt. You can choose a courier office convenient for you or specify a personal delivery address. On the day of delivery, an Econt representative will contact you by call or SMS.

In case you cannot pick up your shipment on the specified date, there is no problem to accept your order a few days later. But remember that your shipment can stay in the office no more than 7 days. After this period, an additional fee will be charged.

You have the opportunity to make a discreet delivery to a third party. You pay for the shipment - another receives it as a gift.



You can have your order delivered to any of the following countries:

Albania Latvia Liechtenstein Armenia Lithuania Austria Luxembourg Malta Belarus Moldova Belgium Monaco Bosnia and Herzegovina Montenegro Bulgaria Netherlands Croatia Norway Cyprus Poland Czech Republic Portugal Denmark Romania Estonia Russia Finland Northern Macedonia Serbia France Slovakia Slovenia Germany Spain Greece Sweden Hungary Switzerland Ireland Italy Ukraine United Kingdom